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ted Education - Training programmes support teachers and school leaders at all levels – from new teachers through to trust CEOs.


We are eighteen seventy. Drama based learning.

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We are back in the training room! All of our courses can again be delivered face to face or via our virtual classroom. We can also offer blended and digital solutions.

training for the education sector using drama.

Delivered in the classroom, virtual & online.

Eighteen Seventy is the new name for ted Education.  We design and deliver training specifically for the Educational sector, using Drama to create an experience.  We chose the name Eighteen Seventy to recognise a point in history when education became a right for the many.

Our founders and key design team are from an educational background so we understand the needs and challenges.  We wanted to create training that was impactful, engaging, cost effective and supportive of all roles working in schools, colleges and universities.

We use our drama based approach, with professional actors and experienced trainers, to lift the experience and make it memorable and impactful.  This can be delivered in the training room, in our virtual classroom, or via online learning.

Our drama based training uses actors of all ages to bring learning to life, whether they are playing students or staff.  Our approach appeals to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning preferences by creating interactive, memorable experiences. Our training is observational and experiential, using our unique drama approach to illustrate scenarios and behaviours. Our specialist trainers use the drama as a starting point for discussions, encouraging delegates to explore the impact of behaviours and the potential ways for situations to play out.

We recognise that role-play is not most delegates’ idea of fun, so that’s not how we work. Our use of drama is predominantly observational – either using live actors or film, or interactive – where delegates will get to direct the action, engaging with the characters to explore the impact of different approaches or the reasons behind decisions taken.

Whether it’s a couple of hours classroom or virtual classroom session, a conference, full day leadership course or a totally online course with several bite-size sessions, Eighteen Seventy has a solution for you.

We are your partner and we will work with you to create a truly immersive educational experience that leaves your entire team motivated at the end. We always explore the course from all perspectives, whether that’s teacher/lecturer, student or support staff. We ensure everyone has a take-away.

We understand the need for something different that is affordable and have a can not can’t approach at EighteenSeventy – we will always provide a solution to your challenge.

Eighteen Seventy crafted a bespoke package of anti-racism training for us which addressed the issues we needed to consider in a sensitive but unambiguous way. It had a significant impact on raising awareness and understanding of language and behaviours.  It has also had a lasting legacy in terms of initiatives which followed on”.  Mr Tom Carter, Headteacher, King Edward  VI Grammar School, Chelmsford.

Eighteen Seventy recently delivered Brave Conversations to Thames Learning Trust.  Learners who were Heads of, commented:

“I feel we were provided with the skills we needed to have these conversations. The actors were very good and adapted well to our challenges”.  

“The whole experience was interesting, useful and inspiring”.

“I had to attend virtually and it felt like I was really there! I really enjoyed the acting aspect of it and it was useful to be able to observe things they were doing”.

Why work with Eighteen Seventy?

Eighteen Seventy is borne from our passion to deliver great training to Schools, Colleges and Universities that is relevant, timely, sensibly priced and creates an experience that provokes discussion and debate, leading to lasting change.

We recognise that delivering training in an educational environment can be challenging – whether its time, budget or making sure it hits the mark we know it’s important to get it right the first time. We have sat through poorly executed training ourselves when we were teaching and know how it made us feel!

Our team has several colleagues with experience of being teachers for several years, blended with extensive Learning & Development and drama based professionals.

Where a business is more confident working with actors and it’s appropriate to the subject, we take this to the next level, with delegates participating in bespoke scenarios with actors to explore their own learning in a safe space.

When we work in this way, delegates are never playing a character, but always being themselves – we call this real-play.

As ex-teachers ourselves, we know how challenging it can be finding the time to complete training when you’re working in education. Recognising all the demands on your day, and the impact this can have, we’ve deliberately crafted our training to be as flexible as you have to be.

All of our courses can be delivered face-to-face in the training room (perfect for inset-day staff training events), live using video conferencing software in our virtual classroom (useful if the team are based in multiple locations), or via online learning (ideal for any-time training to work around busy teaching schedules).

Our courses can be delivered using live actors and face to face engagement in our online Theatre of Learning.

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ted Education - Training programmes support teachers and school leaders at all levels – from new teachers through to trust CEOs.
ted Education - Training programmes support teachers and school leaders at all levels – from new teachers through to trust CEOs.

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